February 20th, 2011

Serious GACKT

[CM] Gundam - Extreme VS (Extreme Gundam) ~GACKT Voice~

Hello minna-san ! ^__^
Today, I came across the Gundam Extreme VS official website where GACKT have participated and voiced the Extreme Gundam, the bad guy of this video game. It's been a while since we all know he have done this, but the video have been put online only a few days ago. It's an introduction video where you can see in action this character, and of course, you can hear our dear GACKT speaking in it ! ^^

I've ripped the video myself from the Bandai website and uploaded it myself on Youtube for those who don't want to download it. I had some troubles to download it on Bandai website, I expect that they put some kind of protections on their vids ...