February 11th, 2011

Sengokushi GACKT

But where I was these last days ?

Hello everyone ! ^_^
I know that I haven't posted yet my scans or my pics of the NemuriXGACKT photobook yet, I'm sorry about that, but it was for a good reason. 2 days ago, I saw an humorist on stage, he's really famous in France and also in Quebec, his homeland. It's a really talended man, he can do any sounds he want with his mouth,he's also really famous for that. If you're curious to know, his name is Anthony Kavanagh. The show was awesome, all his jokes, how he's moving, his funny faces, everything is funny in what he's doing, really ! ^^ For the non-french peoples who are reading this, maybe you know about the NRJ Music Awards ? Well, he was the black guy who was introducing this TV show, and if you saw this TV show when he was in it, you already know that he's singing really well ! ^^
Well, at the end of his show, he asked to anyone who wanted to go on stage and be his dancers to come right now, and while he was singing with an amazing voice, I and some other peoples on stage was claping our hands in rythm. It was really great to be able to se so close of him and to be in front of 600 peoples like that. After a few minutes, he asked us to dance a slow with a partner, so I asked to my girlfriend who was just in front of of me to come, but she was too shy to come ... so when he saw that I didn't found any girls, he told me "hey, come with him, after all, we need all kinds of partners !", so I danced with a guy ! xD But right after I've danced a bit, Anthony Kavanagh though to be funny to make "Honk honk" with my butts, hahahaha ! xD

Here is some pics taken by my girlfriend when I was on stage, I wasn't able to take any pics myself ... because you know why ! xD

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