February 7th, 2011

Sengokushi GACKT

[Scans] GACKT - NemuriXGACKT Photobook (First photobook) ~HQ~

Hello minna-san ! ^_^
Today, as promised, I will provide 13 beautifull scans of the NemuriXGACKT Limited Photobook, the biggest one, with the professional photoshooting. The photobook include of course so much more pictures, but as you may know, this photobook is big, and the cover is unflexible, so really hard to scan it. Plus, for those who have scanned their Diary 2011, you have maybe noticed that the pages can be removed easely if you don't care of it, it's the same for the photobook. And because it have a LOT of pages, it's harder to scan some parts of the photobooks. I've noticed that I may be able to scan more later, but that's not sure, I will do only if I can.

In the middle of the photobook, you have pictures of GACKT on stage for the theater itself, that's why some pics are different from the others. But they are still really beautifull ! Too bad that the scans don't make justice to the real beauty of these pictures ... ^^"

Please, credit me, or at least, don't claim them as yours if you repost them elsewhere, it was really hard to scan these pages without destroying my photobook, thanks ! ^__^

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