February 6th, 2011

Nemuri Kyoshiro #3

[Pictures] GACKT - NemuriXGACKT Photobook N°1

Hello everyone ! ^_^
A few days ago, after the moment I've scanned the few pages of the first photobook of the NemuriXGACKT limited box, I've decided to take some pictures of the pages I wasn't able to scan. About that, for those who are wondering, yes, I haven't scanned the whole photobook, yes, I haven't photographied the whole photobook too, but for the second thing, it's a choice I did. For the scanning issue, I guess everyone know why I have only scanned a few pages, but for the pictures, I decided to take some goods pics of the pages I really like. It would have been too much to photography the whole photobook you know ... ^^"

All the pics photographied with my camera will never be scanned, without any exceptions. But only one picture who in this entry here are already scanned. It means then that I've scanned other pictures not shown here ! =P

Scans will come tomorow, and if nothing is wrong in my schedule, I will post the camera pics of the second photobook the next day after the scans of the first one, etc... ^_^

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