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03 February 2011 @ 12:30 am
Hello minna-san ! :)
As you may probably guess (I hope for you ! xD), I recieved today the NemuriXGACKT Box Limited Edition, with the DVD, from the fanclub. The particularity of the fanclub edition is that it comes with 3 nice postcards, who are printed really well, in a way that the black parts of the kimono shine when you move it. I don't know how to explain it, but it's really enjoyable ! :)

I will say it here again in case some peoples might not see my little note in my previous entry. Well, those who already have their copy know, the photobook is indeed big, but instead of the NemuriXGACKT pamphlet who was a little flexible, these two big photobooks are all the contrary, so harder to scan. The conclusion of this is that if I don't want to destroy completly my photobooks, I have to not scan a lot of pages. Yeah, a lot, but keep in mind that the two photobooks have almost 300 pages, and ALL of them are pictures, no text, so I will still scan a lot after all. But I can't for the whole thing, sorry ... ^^"

But before I scan everything as I can, here is a nice preview. The first picture is coming from the first photobook, the second one is from the second photobook, so enjoy, and be patient everyone, for these two pics, it taken me around 20 minutes to have a good result ! ;)

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03 February 2011 @ 08:06 pm
Hello everyone ! ^_^
I'm currently scanning the first photobook, and when I scanned that picture, I wasn't able to resist for doing this Macro. And that's so true ! *_*

(Damn, it's not I, but I've ... xD)

Why this macro ? xD
Because I will recieve my YFC Swimsuit DVD tomorow apparently, and the customs charged me an unknown amount of money for it ... Damn, I hope it will not be that much ...

See ya ! ^_^
Current Mood: angryStupid customs ! -_-*
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