January 29th, 2011

~ GACKT in Toronto #2 ~

A little announcement for my friend ! ^_^

Hello minna-san !
I may be late for such things, but a few few days ago, a friend, who are also my shopping service, Mukunoki, asked me some help. Lately, he had some problems for sending items to his customers, he was mainly late. The reason ? You can't blame him, it's because he's becoming bigger and bigger, more customers are coming, and he need some staff !!!
So, he's looking for some staff peoples, who might help him. I will copy and paste his email in order to not make any mistakes by giving false informations or others, it's all under the cut ! :)

The Facebook pictures might be viewable by anyone normally, if not, tell me and I will upload them myself separetly ! :)

*Comments are screened, if you have questions about that, email Mukunoki through the email adress he given, thanks !*

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