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24 January 2011 @ 12:01 am
Hello minna-san ! :)
Since a few days already, I have scanned my Diary 2011 of GACKT that I recently recieved. This product is really beautifull, and even if I will not use it, I really love it. The pics are nice, it have a really hard cover, with inside the nice pictures I will share with you, but also a real diary (yes, seriously ! =P xD). The surprising thing is that the name of the days in it are also written in French, yes, in French, if it's not a proof that he love France, really ! lol
Well, anyway, I hope you will enjoy these HQ scans, you can have a preview of the quality with the little thumb, so if you like it, take a look ! ^_^

Please, credit me if you repost them, it was a lot of work to scan it without destroying the diary itself, do wathever you want with graphics or others, you're free for this to do anything ! ^__^

~ HQ Scans of the Diary 2011 behind the cut ! ~Collapse )
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Hello minna-san ! :)
Okay, first, maybe I will not sounds kind with it, but I've nothing against the members on the website J-Music TV or German peoples (Xia, if you read me ... ♥), only against the concept of the website itself.
Let me explain myself. First, I'm talking about the concept of J-Music TV. J-Music TV is apparently working with a lot of japanese artists, and for a nice example, let's take GACKT. A while ago, when I uploaded the Bochum concert broadcasted at NicoNico Douga, I recieved a strange and agressive email, directly on my email adress from CANI-LLC, saying shortly that my activities was illegal and that I have to stop it ...

(I'm not saying that uploading videos can be totally legal either, but that's not the point ... xD)

~ More details and informations behind the cut ! ~Collapse )
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