January 23rd, 2011

Nemuri Kyoshiro #2

About that maybe second European Tour ! ^_^

Hello everyone ! :)
I just wanted to talk about the latest information about that maybe second european tour. You know, when you do such kind of tour, you need money, you need sponsor maybe, you need the peoples (not the fan) to support you for going to this country. If no one is interested by you (sponsors, etc), you will not recieve any financial supports, so how it is possible to make a concert in a country really far away without this ?

But this point was only for Europe, I mainly wanted to talk to the US Fans who are unhappy about that. You know, USA is one (and maybe the one) of the most biggest and powerfull country in the world. If GACKT want to do a big and only US Tour, he really need financial supports and many other things. If he really wanted to perform only in New York, he would have already did his concert, for sure. But I think he want to make a tour in more places in USA, and you know how much USA is really big, right ? It's not unfair for the US fans to wait more then because they will have the biggest tour in their country, and only in their country. Because in France, you had one concert. In Spain, one concert. London, one concert. But he will perform more than 2 concerts in USA when he will do it, so it's harder to organize all of this you know !

So please, don't blame him, it's not his fault, if he don't really wanted to make a tour in America, he wouldn't have said it, that's all, so be patient everyone, please, it's useless to blame him for that ! ^_^
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