January 15th, 2011

Platinum Box XI {Call me !}

Pictures of what I recieved recently ! ^^ (PB XI included ! ^_^)

Hello minna-san ! :)
I decided today that I will post some pics I've taken of my new parcel I recieved through Mukunoki ! ^^ It was contained a Nemuri Flyer (I forgot to include it in the pics ... lol), the Christmas Card, and the Platinum Box XI, with the little Dears Case. Everything are coming from the fanclub itself, and it's my first parcel that I recieved since this new year ! ^_^

The scans of the Hanafuda cards and the rules paper will be posted really soon. But even if I will mention it again later, I've hidden 2 cards in my scans, because I don't want to see the full game reproduced, for example by Miya Records bootlegs or other kind of things. I hope you will understand ! ^_^

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