December 30th, 2010

Fallen Angel {DruG Party}

A little hiatus ! ^^

Hello everyone ! ^^
I want to update quickly about myself if you don't mind. Today, I'm with my girlfriend in a city called "Lyon", I really missed her ! ^^ Well, today, I went to a big park, and in this park, I saw a lot of cute animals, if peoples are interested, I will post some pics of them after my hiatus in a few days. About GACKT related now, I've to wait until the 4th January, the end of Mukunoki's hollidays in order to track my parcel with the PB XI and most probably my christmas card and other FC stuff. It's too long, I can't wait ! =P
I've recently checked my old emails. I saw that even if I wanted to order the Diary 2011 through Mukunoki, I saw that I've paid for the wall calendar calendar instead of the diary by checking the invoice. We both did mistakes so I can't blame him of course, so I placed an order for the diary 2011. And in order to not spend too much money,
I will sell this wall calendar 2011 soon as I recieve it, and because it's the fanclub edition, it will contain the special poster included for the fanclub members ! ^_~

Well, I come back at home the 1rst January night, untill this moment, I hope you will spend great hollidays at home or with your friends, see you soon ! :)