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Hello everyone ! ^_^
This entry will be my last one for this week, because tomorow, I'm going to see my girlfriend for a little week-end, just me and her ! ^^ But it will not be a random entry, but a really good entry ! Today, I've finally scanned, edited, and cropped the scans of the latest release of the NemuriXGACKT pamphlet !
The previous one, who was already scanned, contained a different photoshoot, and I've to admit that I really really prefer this one ! <3
The scans are in a even better quality than the first pamphlet, and I haven't scanned the back of the pamphlet, because it's still the same than the previous one. This version also contain the little interview with a few GACKT pics, but they was already scanned too, so I haven't included them in this entry.

- Please, credit me if you repost them elsewhere, it was a lot of work to scan it because of the A3 format of the book, thank you ! ^_^
- You can do wathever you want for graphics, credits or not, I don't care ! ^_^

A big thanks to xrytalmad, she will know why ! <3

~ Awesome and HQ scans of Nemuri behind the cut ! ~Collapse )
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