November 24th, 2010


[DVDrip] GACKT - EVER (Making-Of Special Movie) ~HQ~

Hello minna-san ! :)
Well, everyone who read this may probably know that yesterday, I've finally recieved my Making-Of DVD of the PV "Ever" of GACKT. But no, I haven't recieved it from CDjapan, they seems to have problems with it, I've recieved it from Mukunoki, my shopping service, I had to pay a little in order to get it. It's really sad that I had to pay for a free DVD, but if CDjapan send us this DVD one day, I will sell my spare copy ! ^__^

This version of the video is then a personal DVDrip of my own DVD, and not the crappy quality version already available on Youtube for example, so I hope you will enjoy it much as you can ! :)

Join the part downloaded through Mediafire together with HJsplit ! ^_^
MediaFire links : 001 / 002 / 003