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Hello everyone ! ^__^
A few days ago, I wanted to scan something so much, and someone on Facebook suggested me to scan the booklet on the Sixth Day Collection album. To be franc, two booklet are in it but the one who doesn't contain the lyrics would have been destroyed if I wanted to scan it. The result was that I've concentred myself on the second one for my scans. I'm pretty proud of the final result, even if the paper wasn't really good in the original product, so I can't have the same result than my R&R II pamphlet of course ... ^^"

Anyway, I hope you will love them, the pictures are from many different moments of his career, so I guess everyone will love them ! ^_^

Please credit me if you plan to use them elsewhere, or at least don't claim them as yours, thanks ! ^__^

~ Beautifull booklet behind the cut ! ~Collapse )
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22 November 2010 @ 12:28 pm
Hello everyone ! ^_^
Today, the new Wonda CM was released and published on the official Wonda Website. I've to admit  that this CM is really funny, too bad that GACKT isn't playing the mirage, it would have been even more funny ! lol the commercial is pretty easy to understand, even for me, so it will be pretty easy to enjoy for everyone, even for peoples who don't speak japanese ! ^_^

The quality is the exact same HQ as the official website, so I hope you will enjoy my version ! ^__^
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