November 20th, 2010

Gackt {!}

[??? News ???] GACKT - NemuriXGACKT Limited Box now on sale ?

Hello everyone ! ^^
I've checked my F-list entries today and have seen something that I wanted to share today. That's a really weird thing, so don't take it for now as an official news. (Thanks
shadowychan for the information !)
According to HMV Online Store newsletter, they are opening the pre-orders of the NemuriXGACKT Special Limited Box WITH the DVD. Isn't that weird since the DVD who was announced with the Dears Fanclub Only version is now announced for public sales ? EDIT : According to our dear pyroyale, the Fanclub edition bonus is a set of postcards, all my apologizes ! I'm not saying that it's a bad news, all the contrary, but that's weird to see a so quick announce for this.

Wait and See I guess, but don't take this as an official news for now !

Gackt 眠狂四郎 闇と月

Seito Kaichou ~Gakuensai~ #2

[Graphics] GACKT - Seito Kaichô Photoshoot (Clearfiles + Notebooks + Bromides) ~Icons~

Hello everyone ! ^__^
Here is a true entry today, the previous one was more than a draft, so an another today is always good, isn't it ? I've decided to make a set of icons from the recent GACKT, alias Seito Kaichô photoshoot. The original scans come from
pyroyale, and because her scans are near from the perfect result, I decided to not wait to scan mine for making icons ! ^__^
I really hope you will love them, I've made them in purpose of this after all. Peoples seems to have enjoyed my last set of icons, so I hope everyone will enjoy this one ! ^__^

Please credit me if you plan to use these icons, it was not easy to have a nice result for some of them, thanks ! ^__^

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