November 16th, 2010

NemuriXGACKT Kimono {Orochi}

[TV] GACKT - Talk at Yamasakipan (2010.11.15) ~Edited Quality~

Hello everyone ! ^__^
Today, the latest TV show where GACKT appeared have opped-up on
Youtube, not in true HQ, but still a better quality than Keyhole TV. I've to admit that I don't really watched the Keyhole TV version in his full version, but for this one, I watched it, and I really enjoyed it. On the video, he's wearing one of his new Kimono he introduced to us recently, it fits him really well ! ^_^
You're probably wondering why "Edited Quality" in the title ? Well, the sound was kinda low in the original file, so I've solved this problem with this version. Plus, I've changed the saturation level (colors mainly) to +10% from the original, in order to have a little bit better colors than the original file. So even if it's not oblivious at first, the difference exist. I hope you will enjoy the edited quality file ! ^__^

[News] Camui Gakuen Online Store Opened !

Hello everyone ! ^_^
Here is a little news I've found recently.
The online Camui Gakuen Store have opened, but they are only selling the purple suit for now, more will probably come of course ! ^_^
Instead of the beautifull header of the page, they added a few G pics in order to illustrate the purple suit, here are all the nice pics available for now on the page ! :)