November 14th, 2010

Fallen Angel {DruG Party}

[Scans] Gackt - Drug Party 2006 (Regular Version) ~HQ Scans~

Hello everyone ! ^_^
I've scanned yesterday something due to a request I recieved, my copy of the DruG Party DVD. The reason why this DVD is overpriced on websites like Ebay is that it's only because the concert was sold only in a limited copies on, so it was sold-out really quickly since it was a Dears only concert at first. The reason why GACKT released this concert in DVD is due to many request he recieved from the fans who wanted so much this concert to be released on DVD, and he granted our wishes !
The packaging of this edition of the DruG Party is really simple, not a lot of things, mostly the essential. A little precision, I've hidden the bar code of the DVD, I don't know why, but I though well to do it in order to prevent bootlegs, but now, I realize it was kinda useless, hahaha ! xD *hide in a corner*

Feel free to do wathever you want with these scans, just don't claim them as yours, thank you ! ^_^

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