November 13th, 2010

NemuriXGACKT Kimono {Orochi}

[Graphics] GACKT - NemuriXGACKT Project (Special Kimono Presentation) ~Userpics~

Hello everyone ! ^__^
Today, I want to share some nice userpics I've suddenly decided to make late at night. This photoshoot have inspired me to make some userpics, and everyone here know that I don't usually make userpics. But even if my lack of skills for making graphics is to take in consideration, I'm kinda proud of the result. I've seriously tried to sleep, but no matter how much I've tried, I wasn't able to do it, so I woke up and made these ! ^_^

Credit is needed if you plan to use these userpic, the way to credit the userpic is written under the tabloid behind the cut, so enjoy everyone ! ^__^

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