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Hello everyone ! :)
Because I've recently got a new scanner, I'm in a mood to scan a lot of things in HQ for the pleasure of everyone, and today, how a perfect moment to share my scans of the R&R II postcard, sold as a tour goods ?  For those who are wondering where I got that, it was a really old auction made by
amaia, and since I was determinated to get it, I got it, so indirectly, thanks to her ! :)
These scans have been made with a special mode, who can reproduce the original scanned picture with better colors, such as keeping an awesome quality for how small these postcards are. So even if you have the scans who are already made a while ago, take a look to them ! ^^

If you want to repost them, please credit me, but for graphics or others, do wathever you want with them ! ^_^

~ Lovely GACKT with military uniforms behind the cut ! ~Collapse )
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