October 23rd, 2010

Platinum Box XI {Call me !}

HIATUS ! ^_^

Hello everyone ! ^_^
Since right now, I will be in a hiatus, I will go to see my girlfriend for a romantic week-end with her, so I will not be able to update anything (or maybe a little, I will see) since now. I will come back to the 28th October, so take care everyone ! ^__^

Bonus for my dear [info]sammet, I've promised you some Glitch and Bug in the GameCube game "Zelda : The Wind Waker", so here is 4 videos I've recorded myself while I was playing, with my little camera, I want to know what you think about them ! ^^
And everyone, if you want to react about these videos, feel free, after all, it's also for everyone ! :)