October 17th, 2010

GG Monthly 27

[Question] Does anybody know where I can get this ?

Hello everyone ! :)
Yeah, I know I don't usually ask things, but I really need of the help of someone about this. The thing is that a long time ago, I was on an auction in Yahoo Japan, and I saw this :

It seems to be a promotional DVD given for free when you was purchasing the GHOST single in stores. I'm really interested to find this DVD, a nice DVDrip would be also really appreciated, but because I love GHOST so much, I so want to purchase it, does someone know where can I find it online please ? Or maybe someone is selling it ?

Thanks in advance for any help I will recieve ! ;)
Sengokushi GACKT

[Screencaps] GACKT - Trailer from Platinum Box XI ~HQ~

Hello minna-san ! :)
Well, today, I though about making something I love, taking screencaps. And what's the better thing to take screencap is when you choose a recent video related to GACKT, don't you think ? ^_^
I've though about making 23 screencaps in HQ of the short CM for the upcoming Platinum Box XI, by trying to have the clearest picture as possible. You're most probably seeing in the thumb that the quality is really, but you haven't seen anything, so take a look behind the cut, and ENJOY everyone ! ^_^

Do wathever with these, graphics, walls, I don't care, just don't claim these as yours ! ^__^

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