October 13th, 2010

G10 Anniversary N°2

Well, I guess I've to talk about this ...

Hello everyone ! ^__^
Don't worry about my short period of absence, I just have a few things to do ! ^^ Well, I just want to talk about something I guess it's now the time to talk. It's about VAMPS ! ^_^
As everyone may probably know, VAMPS is going to Paris the 16th October, in France, yeah, my country. I've also bought my concert ticket a few months ago in order to go to the concert, but for somes reaons, I will not go to the VAMPS concert. Well, reasons are simple I guess, the thing is that I'm not used to love VAMPS like before, to be exact, I don't love all the songs, just 3 or 4 of them, it's not I dislike the other songs, but I don't love them ... ^^" Plus, going to Paris may cost me around 80€ minimum, plus money I will spend in Paris itself, I prefer to keep my money for something else.
It's sad, maybe, but the little "thing" I usually have before going to see an artist is not here right now, I was more excited to see L'arc~en~Ciel before, and I love more the songs of this band than VAMPS (I've recently bought 2 Laruku's single ! lol), so that's why even if I've my ticket, I will not go to see VAMPS in concert ... Don't be sad for me, really, I'm not sad because I will not go, it's my choice after all ! ^_^

And something else I've forgot to say. After all the big thing on FB about this "Fan club" thing, a new fanpage have been opened, and trust me, this page is trully great, so take a look and forget to like it, okay ? ^^ The page is called Dears Kissmark !

But let's play a game with everyone, okay ? =P
You have to guess from wich game the screencap I've made is coming from. With your anwser, tell me one of the songs that GACKT sang in R&R II you really love a lot, you will understand why this game tomorow, so let's go ! :P