October 7th, 2010

GACKT Karaoke

[Web] Gackt - Interview about Drug Party in Korea (2007.02.10)

Hello everyone ! ^_^
Well, I've to apologize for beeing away so much these last days, thanks to my lack of time and so mucn of other things, damn ! Well, I'm still searching a job, and it's quite hard, tomorow, I will go and make a letter in order to try to got a job, I need money ! xD Well, anyway, these days, I've less days for LJ, and I'm really sorry. In order to repair this, I've found a lot of old videos on an old external HD, and I was amazed how GACKT changed, but the fact that he's still awesome is really impressive ! ^^

This old interview have a story for me. This video was the first video I wanted to download by myself from the official Bugs korean website. But at this period, my skills for grabbing videos was poor, so I've missed it, and then, found it again. Since this moment, I've improved my skills in order to become better no matter what, in order to show to myself how much I can do in this domain, and also for bringing even more love to others. In my head, more I've skills, more I bring love, and more I'm happy ! ^_^

Peoples, I'm reading your comments, I'm reading them all, I just don't have the time to anwser them, sorry ... T_T
Gackt *~Cool N.2~*

[Barks] Gackt - Premiere of the Prestige movie (2007.06.12) ~HQ~

Hello minna-san ! ^_^
Today, I also want to upload an another old video from my external HD disk I've found. It was ripped from the Barks website a long time ago, and it's about the Premiere of the american movie "Prestige" ! The main theme for the japanese version of this movie was the song Returner by Gackt himself.
On the stage, GACKT is been introduced to a magic trick with a kind of James Bond gun, and it's funny how he doesn't seems to know what to do with this ! xD The thumb is really showing this priceless moment of the video, so enjoy everyone ! ^_^