September 30th, 2010

GG Monthly 21

About me and Facebook ! ^^

Hello everyone ! ^_^
A quick update publicly here in order to tell to everyone about what I'm doing with Facebook. First, yeah, I've a facebook account. One is linked to my LJ and are for GACKT updates, and my second one is for my personal life. The second one is set to private because I just don't want to have a maximum of friends just for have them. It's my personal stuff (pics of me, my friends, etc ...), so I don't plan to open it to everyone anymore. The facebook account I'm presenting here is for everyone who want to follow me over there too, so even if I don't update my life over there, feel free to add me if you want ! ^_^

For those who found my private account, I refuse all the F-requests who I don't know who is it, and by this, I mean those that I haven't talked a little before ! ^^

And a random information related to Facebook. For those who want to follow the news translated in English of, don't forget to like it in order to follow the updates ! ^__^