September 26th, 2010

Nyaaaaah !!~


~ I'm almost fully healthly recovered, my mood is really high, so why not for uploading today ? ~
~ HERE WE GO !!!! ~
GACKT {Wonda} N°3

[CM] GACKT - Wonda Soft Drink (2010.09.22) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! ^_^
It's been a while since I haven't updated or uploaded something on my LJ, but I will repair this mistake right now. But at first, I just want to thanks all my wonderfull friends and everyone else who have supported me on my previous entry, it was really nice of everyone, I didn't expected to see everyone like this, so thank you, especially to my lovely friends ! <3 I'm sorry if I've missed some birthdays, I wasn't really online these last couples of days ... T_T (If someone are interested about what I've done these last couples of days, tell me ! xD)

Anyway, here is a video that everyone have most problably already seen it. It's the latest Wonda CM where GACKT appear in it. The version I had some really bad colors, it wasn't really coloured, so what I've done to the video is to deinterlace it, put colors to an higher level (hope it's not too much) and resized it, in order to have a real and good HQ video, so enjoy ! ^__^
Samurai GACKT

[] GACKT - CM for Nemuri Kyoshiro Theaters (2010.09.26) ~HQ~

Hello again everyone ! ^_^
I want to share right now the most recent CM recently updated on This CM is on the main webpage of, at the same place where the preview of EVER was ! :)
This CM is introducing the new upcoming Nemuri Kyoshiro theater who will be played in Japan the 28th September 2010. I want a DVD of one play, it would be amazing ! <3

The video is the HQ original version on the homepage, unconverted, so I hope you will enjoy it ! ^_^