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19 September 2010 @ 12:45 am
Well, a little and quick entry about something I'm starting to be pissed-of recently. It's about my userpics ...
I know about the full things of "Do not own GACKT" or anything related to this, but seriously, even if I don't like the fact that peoples use my userpics on their own accounts, at least, they can credits me, but no ...
I always create my own personal userpics (excepted for a few of them) because I want to have my own personal set of pics. It's always better when you're creating your owns, so why not at least crediting me for these ?

Userpics are graphics, and because they are graphics, at least, credit the author of these graphics ...

(On an personal note about myself, I wasn't in a good mood for updating yesterday, I'm so sorry, I promise that I will update really soon with really really nice contain, just be patient, thanks everyone ! ^_^)
Current Mood: discontentdiscontent
Current Music: GACKT - ZAN