September 13th, 2010

GACKT {Wonda} N°2

[News] Do you remember everyone ? ^^

Hello minna-san ! :)
Do you remember that GACKT said in the past he was busy to make a new CM in one of the past staffblog entries in GACKT-and-Dears website ? ^^
Well, this CM will be an another Wonda CM, and he will be broadcasted the 14th September (tomorow xD) on Japanese television, can't wait to see it ! *_*

Source : Asashi Soft Drink Website

「ワンダ 金の微糖」新TVCM「一人でゴールデンタイム」篇

金のプレミアム缶コーヒー『ワンダ 金の微糖』
GACKTさん、唐沢 寿明さん出演