September 9th, 2010

Sengokushi GACKT

[Screencaps] GACKT - YFC Swimsuit Live (2010.08.29)

Hello everyone ! :)
I know I don't update too much these days, I'm sorry, but beeing with my girlfriend and update my LJ is not always easy, so here I am right now, my girlfriend is busy to do something else, so I'm taking this free time for everyone ! ^_^ I've promised to my F-list some days ago to upload a lot of screencaps of the YFC Swimsuit live I've recently uploaded, so here they are. I really hope you will love them, even if it's not HQ, I've tried to take some good shots, and some of them are pretty good ! ^_^

So here are a few of them as a teaser, and also behind the cut, you will find also the download link for the 76 screencaps, so enjoy everyone ! ^__^

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