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Hello everyone ! :)
It's just the morning here in France, but I was awaken up by such wonderfull pics that I can't resist to share. All of them are from the same concert, the really famous final of the YFC tour, the swimsuit concert !
I think everyone will enjoy these pics, GACKT is awesome on them, and his eye patch is pure love ! <3

Credits :
Barks / Sanspo News / News24 / Mantan-web / Natalie

~ Awesome pictures behind the cut ! ~Collapse )
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30 August 2010 @ 06:41 pm
I want to made this quick entry in order to tell to everyone that I've added a few pictures to my latest entry of the YFC swimsuit pictures, take a look please, they are added at the end of the entry ! ^_^

[News] GACKT - YFC Swimsuit concert (29 pictures)
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30 August 2010 @ 07:40 pm
Hello again everyone ! ^^
Hahaha, sorry for my third entry of the day, but I've to update for this video I've found recently. This CM is often broadcasted on WoWoW channel for advertising the broadcast of the Swimsuit Festival. This CM is so short and in a crappy quality that I will only provide a Youtube video, I think it's pretty enough ! ^___^

The video seems to say that they will broadcast the "final" of the tour, so it's mean that's really the swimsuit festival who will be broadcasted !!! <3

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