August 10th, 2010



Sorry for my lack of updates everyone, but I've two good reasons ! lol First, I'm still a little bit tired, and the second one is ... that I've recieved today my new Iphone, and I love playing with it ! LOL
I'm starting to personalizing him, so here is my background, and
I promise, tomorow, I will update the full YFC Master position from the EU pamphlet of the YFC concert ! ^_^

YFC ~Shall we Dance ?~

[Scans] GACKT - YFC Master Positions ~HQ Scans~

Hello everyone ! ^^
I've decided to share today with everyone some great scans from a great photobook. Yes, on the european photobook of YFC, you can find ALL the YFC Master positions, and so many exists that I've laughed so hard when I've seen each titles for the positions ! xD
Anyway, here is the scans, and if some names who are cutted bother someone, ask me for the full name and I will anwser you the best as I can with the full name. Yes, because the book was so big, I don't wanted to destroy it, that's why it was hard to scan it ... T_T

Credit me if you plan to repost the scans elsewhere, thank you ! ^_^

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