July 28th, 2010


[NicoNico Douga] GACKT - Attack of the Yellow Fried Chickenz at Bochum (2010.07.24) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! ^__^
I finally manage to have the time to make this entry, and I'm pretty sure everyone are waiting for it. For my health, the doctor said it's now okay, so don't worry anymore about this everyone ! ^^ I want to see a maximum of peoples who will enjoy this concert, so that's why I've uploaded it after all. This concert was broadcast in NicoNico douga at the same moment than the REAL concert in Germany, and I think it's the main reason why the cameramans of NicoNico Douga had some troubles while the filming process. Everyone was moving, and the cameramans too. The begining of the concert is quite crappy because we can't see a lot of things, but they have tried to work better for the second half of the concert. The audio of the concert is absolutely awesome because it's not re-arranged, so for those who was there, it's a perfect way to remember this moment ! ^_^

The GACKT secretary was cut in my record, so if you want it, check Youtube, it's uploaded over there. Please also note that I've added 10 seconds of watermark in every beginings of each songs of the concert. I've added this because I've PAID for watching this, and I don't want to see someone owning this record, hope everyone will understand my choice.

Join the parts together with HJsplit ! :)