July 26th, 2010


A bit about me ... ^^"

Hello everyone ! :)
Well, I will most probably be late for anwsering to all the friends request I have recieved these last days, and also to upload the bochum concert and the Music Japan in HQ where GACKT is, but I've a bit of reasons, let me explain.
I've seen the results of my blood test, because the next day after the concert of GACKT in France, my eyes are a bit "yellow", and I was really really tired, Ren can approve this. So, my blood test tell me that my CPK lever in my body is really really TOO HIGH, around 5900, it's too high. I will see the doctor tomorow morning and she will tell me all the details, but the person who given me the blood test told me that if I would have put more energy for the concert, I would be dead right now, because it's really dangerous ... ^^" The doctor said to the person who given me my blood test : "A lot of rest and a lot of water", but it's better to see the doctor herself for more informations ! ^^

Next time I will be at a GACKT concert, I will not push myself to my limits, I will try to stay more calm if I feel that I will collapse again you know. So it was all the reasons why I will be a bit late for these two videos, okay everyone ? ^_^

*GACKT have really killed me, it's his Takegami's side, I'm sure ! LOL*