July 23rd, 2010

Angel or Devil ?

GACKT secretary ! =P

~ To everyone who have attempted to an European concert of GACKT ... ~
~ Here is the G secretary from the EVER PV, it's this guy, nice secretary, don't you think ? =P ~

(The PV will be upload soon, don't ask me, okay ? ^^)

GACKT in Paris

[PV] GACKT - EVER {Full Version} ~Semi HQ~

Hello everyone ! ^_^
How are you everyone, those who have attempted to an european concert of GACKT are still alive ? I hope so, because I bring you the new PV called "EVER", and it's the full version I've recorded through the streaming of GyaO! ! ^^ (Thanks to
 pyroyale ^^)
This PV is like a real live performance, it's really awesome, I love how he's moving, it's reminding me a bit of Vanilla, and you know what ? ^^ He was moving like that for the concert in Paris, it's almost the same performance I've seen, I really love this PV ! <3

The Youtube version is already online, so if you can't download it, enjoy the streaming version, okay ? ^_^