July 16th, 2010

Belscard {Dragon Nest}

[MP3] GACKT - EVER (Full Version)

Hello everyone ! ^^
Yesterday, it was the broadcast on NicoNico Douga of the weekly radio show. But this radio show was a bit special, because they have decided to broadcast the FULL VERSION of the song called "EVER" from his upcoming single. It was a great surprise, but damn, this song is really awesome and really powerfull !
I'm pretty sure you also want to hear the full version of this song, right ? Well, this time, I was too slow *laugh*, so I will direct you to an another LJ for the download link. A big thanks to
dyan25 for the fast upload. And because her audio rip are perfectly done like the one I've made, it's now useless to make my own upload, right ? ^^

Download link over there !

But I've also decided to share my own version of my audio-rip on Youtube. During the broadcast, they was showing the cover of the limited version of EVER, so it's the original version of what you was seeing on NicoNico Douga ! ^_^


[NicoNico Douga] YFC German Concert broadcasted !

Hello everyone ! ^^
Right after the yesterday's broadcast on NicoNico Douga for the EVER song, a japanese message was advertising you that the purchases of the online broadcast tickets are now open. Because yes, it seems that the YFC concert in germany will be broadcasted on NicoNico Douga for those who have purchased an online ticket.
A ticket can be buyed for 3000 points (1 point = 1 Yen) and will let you watch the broadcast. When you're trying to purchase a ticket and if you don't have enough points on your NicoNico Douga account, a red text will redirect you on a page where a big yellow button are and who will let you buy the number of points you need ! ^_^ You need a credit card for this, they accept foreign cards !
I've managed to get my ticket for the broadcast. And because my credit wasn't working (for an unknown reason), my french friend Leo have kindly helped me with her credit card, thanks to her ! <3

And if someone is interested to see the official page for all the details (in Japanese) and also the links for the page of the broadcast, and many other things, click on the banner, you will be redirected into the NicoNico Douga webpage with all of this ! ^_^