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Hello everyone ! ^__^
It's been a few days that I haven't updated in public my LJ, and I apologize for this. But now, I come back with a few things who will interest those who have a PSP (and surely the others lol), because I will share 15 GACKT wallpapers who suit perfectly to the PSP screen. The one of Genesis is a screencap by me, but the other one with the two samurai GACKT on the forest are made by my friend Yumeka who have made it for my birthday 2 years ago ! ^_^
I hope you will enjoy it, because it's not always easy to find good GACKT PSP wallpapers, and according to my friends, they are lovely ! ^__^

~ GACKT wallpapers for PSP under the cut ! ~Collapse )
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Current Music: Gackt - GHOST