June 10th, 2010

Gackt {!}

This European Tour ...

Hello everyone ! ^^
I will anwser to all the latest comments I've recieved, but at first, I wanted to speak about something that I've seen and who are really interesting. All of this will be explained under the cut, I'm sure you would be really surprised about how the man is not having such ideas at the very last moment or only because he have to do an european tour because it's told to him by Avex. I considering making a subbed version in english of this video later ... ^^
For information, this video was a fan record, and was at the Japan Expo 2006, one of the biggest japanese convention, remember the date, 2006 ! :)

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HQ Master

[TV] GACKT - Waratte iitomo (2009.06.15) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! ^__^
Today, I've remembered that someone (I don't remember who) have requested the latest missing TV show called "Waratte iitomo" in my LJ. So because I've a little bit time, I've decided to share it right now, after all, it's a nice TV show, not too old, and with a lot of smiles ! =P I love this TV show because GACKT so happy to be there, it's that kind of TV show I like the most, when GACKT is smiling a lot, really ! ^__^
Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this TV show just like me, in HQ, it's so much better, isn't it ? ^_^

A small note about myself : I want everything he have given as a gift to the guy ! xD *laugh*