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Looks like you sent me enough kiai yesterday, I've finally got my tickets, without any problems, strangely ...
The story is that they was sold at 9:30 AM (french local time), and I was at this exact time, not 1 second more. I've ordered these two tickets (one for my friend and one for me) normally, like others, but the problem is that I haven't recieved mail confirmations ... The thing is that Fnac.com was more resitant than other websites because it's an international website not specialized on selling concert tickets, he haven't crashed, but he had some "problems". I haven't had problems because I was surely really fast, two minutes later, at 9:32 AM, the problem have started to come, for me, it was only the mail confirmation, but for the others, it was like "sorry, the tickets wasn't aviable when you was selecting yours, please try again" or "This concert is not aviable for sale for now" and many other things. One thing it's sure is that it was sold out in 10 MINUTES, Fnac.com have managed to get more tickets in order to respond to everyone, but oh well, 2 hours later, it was the same, and now, it's definitely SOLD-OUT for France too ...

Well, it's the kind of page you should have seen if you have ordered correctly your tickets minna-san, I want to send my apologize for everyone who wasn't able to buy one ticket !!! *hugs to all of those peoples*

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