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Hello everyone ! ^_^
It's been a while since I haven't updated, sorry minna-san. But at least, I had to become calm again with the latest news about the European Tour, it's so an exciting news after all ! lol Well, anyway, yesterday, I've recieved a new parcel, directly from Japan, with a couple of good and nice stuff related to NemuriXGACKT project ! ^_^
Behind the cut, you will find nice pictures of a lot of pages of the Pamphlet and a preview of the full set of postcards until I will scan them of course. So enjoy, and I hope you will enjoy ! ^__^

Late happy birthday to subtlepresence , hope you have enjoyed your birthday ! ^__^

~ NemuriXGACKT pictures behind the cut ! ~Collapse )
Current Mood: pensive
Current Music: Gackt - GHOST