May 30th, 2010


I'm kinda surprised ! ^^

Hello minna-san ! ^^
Just a quick entry about this. I'm really surprised that no one in my Friend list have mentionned this. Ok, it's maybe a fanclub stuff, but at least, no one have mentionned the video itself ! *laugh*
Well, so I will explain a little bit what is it before making a full and complete entry about something else. It's a Micro SD who are currently selled for the fanclub members since the 27th May. The order will end the 03rd June if I remember well. On this Micro SD, the concert of Yellow Fried Chicken'z itself, but in a bit different version. All the camera angles are different, for example, you can see that the begining of ZAN is not crappy like the DVD !
The list of japanese cellphones who can read this Micro SD is listed on in the Dears info category, but I expect that the file could be read by a Micro SD reader and moved into your computer ...

Anyway, here is the famous video, also aviable on !