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Hello everyone ! ^_^ (Yes, always the same presentation, I know ... xD)
Today, I think I will fulfill a lot of requests I've recieved lately. Yes, many peoples have requested an audio rip of the YFC concert in a high quality. I also though it was a good idea since I want to listen it again and again while I go out or something else. Now, it's done, so you can enjoy this concert in the same audio quality than the DVD itself. I've also added a bonus, I've customized the tracks in order to add the right cover of the YFC, so while you will play the files on your computer or Ipod, you will see the cover itself ! ^_^
The audio rip contain the introduction song and also the Todokanai remix at the end. But I've not included the part where the guys are screaming alone before Uncontrol, I just think it would be useless to put a "sreaming track" ! lol

Please credit me if you post this audio rip elsewhere, and enjoy !
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Current Music: GACKT - Kagero ~YFC~