May 9th, 2010

Fool's Mate (March 2009)

[TV] GACKT - Talk at Hanmaru Restaurant (2010.05.06) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! ^_^
As always and because I love sharing, here is one of the latest GACKT TV show, the Hanmaru Restaurant. On this TV show, GACKT is talking about food, but also a lot of his house. You can see that he have a lot of snowboards and so many other things. He's showing to the audiance his laptop, with a very special design ! ^_^ Join the parts together with HJSplit ! ^_^

It was hard to upload and rip this TV show, so if you repost, please credit me, thank you, and before I forgot ... ENJOY the video ! ^__^

Thanks to the awesome tsukitokage for the re-upload of this show on Mediafire ! <3
Sengokushi GACKT

A few things for everyone ! ^_^

An another entry in public in order to clarify a few things, nothing really bad, don't worry ! xD I've noticed that I'm recieving a lot of PM these days, and all are about two main points.

- Sharing the YFC DVD ?
- Sharing the GG Monthly N°21 & N°22 ? (the official fanclub magazine)

For the first point, I will share it, that's what I plan to do, but at first, I've to recieve it of course. Amaiakuyume on LJ have shared a DVDrip she have made personally on her personal Livejournal. Download her version if you can't wait mine ! ^^ I will also share scans and everything. I will share this DVD for the main reason that it's sold-out. Okay it's a fanclub member stuff, but it's sold-out, and also out of prices on all the shop websites like Yahoo JP. But don't ask for the .iso file of this DVD, I never share the original product after all ! :)

The second point is the GG Monthly N°21 & N° 22. Dears and also a lot of fanclub members (including some of my friends) was pissed-off to see that all the GG Monthly was shared like that. The peoples who have at first shared them was in PRIVATE, so it's not a bad thing. The bad thing is that it was spreaded all over internet. Since this moment, a lot of peoples have removed these magazines from Internet because of Dears. The result is that no one have shared the GG Monthly N°21 and 22. The second point is that a lot of peoples recently are asking me if I can share them. My anwser will be always NO, because of the reasons I've written. Fanclub members or not, these reasons are justified and I will respect them. I will never share the GG Monthly, private entry or not ! ^_^

I think that's all, don't be mad or something like this, that was not my intention to write something that you would not take in the good way. It's just that I recieve so much requests that I wanted to clarify these two things once and for all ! ^_^