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For now, Mukunoki have personal issues, so he may not be able to handle the fanclub stuff service for an unknown period. I would recommand then to choose an another service until he solve everything.

Hello everyone ! :)
Well, today, and also because a lot of peoples asked me "How can I join the GACKT fanclub ?", I've decided to make a tutorial about this. At first, you have to keep in mind that Dears, the official japanese GACKT fanclub don't accept overseas memberships, so don't try to join in a normal way. But you can apply for a membership with the help of a service called "shopping service". A shopping service is someone who help you to get things from Japan that you're not supposed to get your hands on it, for example, being a fanclub member. That's at this right moment that Mukunoki arrive. Mukunoki is really a great person who are always kind with you and try to do the best for what you want, that's why I recommand this shopping service.

Click on the LJ cut for more informations about how to join the official GACKT fanclub and about Mukunoki in general ! ^__^

If you want to repost this tutorial elsewhere, please repost the tutorial with a link to this entry from my Livejournal, thanks !

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