April 22nd, 2010

Gackt {Hmm ?}

O_o ?

Hmmm, I've definitely missed a lot of things during my hiatus. G is changing to Avex, Europe Tour (?), Dragon Nest single, sexual novel ...

Damn, this man is definitely the best man ever, go in FRANCE if you're doing this Europe Tour, trust me that I will be in the front of you in that concert !!!!!!! <3
(I will of course share again soon, I've to read all the news about him and some LJ friends entries ! ^_^)
Visualive G

[Biglobe] GACKT - Interview for Arthur and the Minimoys 2 (2010.04.19) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! ^_^
I've decided to upload from now recent vids, because I'm late for a lot of them. Well, today, it's the time for the interview aviable on Biglobe website about Arthur and the Minimoys 2. This interview is already aviable on Youtube here, but I've decided, as always, to grab the HQ version myself, and that's what I've uploaded here. In clear, this version is not the version aviable on Youtube but the original quality version grabbed on the original website itself. Of course I had to convert the original file (.wsx) into .avi, but the quality is almost the same, don't worry ! ^_^

Please credit me if you repost this video, it was a lot of pain to found a way to rip videos from Biglobe, thanks ! :)