April 7th, 2010


[Gackt.com] Gackt - Preview for YFC DVD ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! ^_^
I though it would be great to made an entry again about the YFC DVD (Otoko Matsuri Concert). This concert was the 21th March 2010, and was for guys only. Recently, for fanclub members only, an order-form was opened for those who wanted to buy it in DVD, but the DVD was limited at 10 000 copies ONLY. Thank godness I've ordered mine in time, but I know it was really hard, because Gackt.com have crashed the first day when the order-form page was online ! ^^"
The DVD is right now SOLD-OUT, so I hope that you have ordered yours if your a Fanclub member, in order to wait properly for the release date in May, I've uploaded the HQ preview of the DVD aviable in Gackt.com for everyone, hope you will enjoy it ! ^_^

Livejournal have some problems, so if you have some troubles for displaying some pics, don't worry ! ^_^