March 8th, 2010


Animelo Super Live 2009 - GACKT Backstage (Youtube)

Hello everyone ! ^_^
A very quick entry in order to let everyone know that I've finally download the full Animelo Super Live 2009. I've ripped the MC and the three performances (Ai~Senshi, The Next Decade, Redemption) from the original DVD, so the quality is pretty awesome. But it's not over, I've also found some kind of backstage in the last DVD, and look what I've found, I'm sure you also want this in HQ, right ? =P
Everything will be uploaded soon as I can everyone, don't worry about this, so here is a preview ! :)

Stay tuned ! ^___^
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[DVDrip] GACKT - Animelo Summer Live (2009.08.23) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! ^__^
I'm happy to bring to everyone a HQ quality of the performances made by GACKT in the Animelo Summer Live 2009. He have performed 3 songs, Ai~Senshi, The Next Decade, and finally Redemption. Right after Ai~Senshi, he have made a very short MC. Then, in the last DVD of the 2nd day, you can found a backstage for EACH artists, Gackt include, so I've added this exclusive video to the entry too, hope you will enjoy ! :)
The video resolution is 720 x 400 pixels, so much better than all the other versions who can be found on Internet !

Please credit me if you repost these videos, it was a LOT of work to download the full Animelo (42 Gbs) and next to extract the GACKT performances, thank you ! :)