March 2nd, 2010

Sengokushi GACKT

My Valentine Gift + Other things !

Hello everyone ! ^_^
Hmm, it's been a while for most of peoples since I haven't updated something on my LJ. I've many reasons of this. First, I was with my girlfriend last week, and then, the other reason, the sadest one, is that my old computer, not the recent one have ... died ! ^^" For those who are following me since a long time, maybe they remember that I had a big problem with this computer in May 2009, well, now, he doesn't turn ON at all since last week. About my data, they are safe, because it's not the hard-drive who have died, but I will take some times in order to save them ... ^^" Very well, now, I want to wish a big happy birthday to one of my great friends, VAL, I wish you a great day, and I hope you will recieve a lot of gift ! ^^
I've now got my Valentine gifts that my girlfriend bought for me, maybe you want to see them in a better quality, right ? ^^ And if peoples request scans, I will scan ! ^__^ (For the Clearfiles, I'm not sure, they are really big ! T_T)

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