January 16th, 2010

Gackt *~Cool~*

Sorry ! ^^"

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone, I was really busy, but from now, I will upload some new things really soon, finish the current meme, and so many other things, so see you soon everyone, and trust me, my entry will contain a LOT of love, you will die of hapiness, hahahaha ! =P

See ya !
Gackt *~Cool~*

You want to die ? =P

Hello everyone ! ^^
I know I have a meme, but don't worry, the pictures are taken, the requests are fullfiled, don't worry, but I've recently got two things. First, I've got the latest photoshop CS4, it's a very awesome software, I currently working on it in order to know how to use this. 2nd, someone send to me all the latest Gackt-and-dears community wallpapers. It's hard for me to not share them all for everyone (without friend restrictions), but I've to not share them, because Gordie will be able to kick my ass or even my LJ, and I don't want. So I've decided for now to share my current wallpaper, but because it's a G&D community wallpaper, I've used photoshop on it. I think it's allow me to share this ... for now ! =P

Between, what do you think about what I've made on the picture, do you like it ? ^^