January 10th, 2010

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[DVDrip] Kamen Rider Decade - All Rider VS Daishocker (Gackt cut) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! ^^
Well, recently, one of my friends,
[info]sapha_236, have found a very interesting website who have shared the whole movie in a better quality than Youtube. I've decided to use my new computer in order to convert and cut the file into a Gackt cut. The original file was in 4/3 format, I've transformed it into 16/9 format, surely just like the original DVD. Subs is useless because the original uploader of the whole movie called NDM-Subs have already subbed the whole movie, so check out his blog and download the subtitle file over there, okay ? ^__^

I've not put a watermark on the video even if I though about this, after all, sharing is love, I just want credits of this Gackt cut, okay ? ^___^
Click on the thumb if you want to have a preview of the full quality ! ^^