January 9th, 2010

Takanori Nishikawa in Paris

Oh my God !!!!! X___X

Look at the picture please ! It's from the official Abingdon Boys School website !
In the BBS part of the website, they show the flag that Takanori have recieved from french fans. I've written something on this flag before the concert, for a little souvenir, and look,
my very bad handwritting is now on the official website !!!!



[TV Asashi] Gackt - Comment about Stay the Ride Alive (01.01.2010) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! ^^
I've decided to share a new video today. I've recently found a video on the TV-Asashi website who Gackt have made a little comment, just like "The Next Decade" before. Even if my previous computer is pretty old, he's still able to record such kind of videos, and that's what I've made ! ^^ I hope you will enjoy it, and please, credit me if you repost the video around, it's not easy to record such kind of videos ! ^^"