January 4th, 2010


My surprise package + other random stuff !

Hello minna-san ! :)
I'm finally back at home, with a lot of things to say. First, I've spent a very good time with my girlfriend, really, too bad I've to go back at home. Second, I've finally watched and listened my mysterious gift that I was impatient to recieve. I've also got a new computer, a Sony Vaio, it seems to be a good computer, and I start to like Windows 7, I'm pretty sure all of my softwares will work perfectly on it. I've also got a paid account, and the thing is I can now upload pictures on my LJ account without any risks, I've also got a 105 userpics limitations, a lot of userpics will be uploaded I think, hahahaha ! =P
Well, if you want to read all of this, click on the cut, I've so much things to show to everyone ! ^^

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