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Hello everyone ! ^__^
Here is a very big entry about my christmas present I want to give to all the fandom and to everyone who have supported me this year. I'm proud to say that I've met a lot of very good peoples, and also very good friends. Even if I'm far away from my friends, I know that they love me, and I love them. I have promised to myself that I will share the 2001, 2002, maybe 2003 and also the 2004 concert that Gackt I've made in the past in WoWoW versions, MC included.
I've decided to start with one of the most awesome concert he have made, with also one of the most awesome story, Requiem & Reminiscence I. Someone called
[info]sakurazamori have sent to me some months ago this awesome concert, A big thanks to him. I've of course re-encoded the whole file, cropped the whole concert in 2 parts, and I've also put a watermark on each moments you see the WoWoW logo in the video, in clear, it's not too much times ! ^^ One more thing, you have to join the files together with HJsplit ! :)

If you re-upload or if you want to spread this concert around, please credit me and my friend with this entry, thank you !
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Current Music: Gackt - Nine Spiral